The production of electrical diagrams with the help of the most popular design software. Here are some programs that we use:

· EPlan P8 2.7

· EPLAN P8 2.4

· EPLAN 5.70




The high level of these cad allows to reduce development time and design leading to an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs.

· Design

· Changes

· Conversion

· Polishing

All documentation created by us is delivered to the customer and also stored internally, always guaranteeing rapid consultations and updates.


Electrical design office: t. 051-03628974 E.

Duemme snc is able to provide a wide range of services for the electrical design, choice of materials and customer care or its suppliers to produce automatic machines.

· Hardware, software, design and commissioning of automation systems

· Hardware, software, design and commissioning of machine tools

· Hardware design, software and commissioning machines

· Retrofitting machine tools

· Supervisory and control systems

· Putting into service operations

· Design electrical schematics

· Pneumatic schema design

· Designing hydraulic schemes


Electric wiring

PLC Programming