Many, many requests and many types of material, that's why we use the high-bay warehouse, to be very flexible and quick to find the material for home but also for those in the pipeline or by the customer. Speed, flexibility and competitiveness.



4.0 DIY industry.

Our weapon is the Purchasing Department.

We can see on the screen of the laptop the software created entirely by Duemme. Its function is to connect the production with l & #8217; Purchasing Department. This is possible because each Editor uses a tablet or a smartphone to send orders or feedback. We did so for the missing material, real and timely orders, reducing production time and errors.
Currently Duemme collaborates with 15 suppliers and with some of them, we created a direct electronic channel for information on electrical equipment as: cost, availability, delivery status and technical information; with a few simple clicks. All this allows us to quickly draw up a quote or allow us to respond quickly to the demands of our clients.
Because the competitiveness starts here, quickly finding the correct information

The electrotechnical industry experience gives us the ability and competence to run wiring design specifications provided by the customer. In addition to standard processes execute complex and special wiring, even for small quantities.

Our services are offered at our factory or at the customer site:

  • Cabliamo the electrical equipment on board.

  • Mount cabliamo and switchboards and control.

  • We test each project according CEI-EN 61439-1/2.

  • We install the system or the machine at our client.

  • We provide at your customers in Italy and Europe operations in/out of warranty.

  • Restoring automatic machines used and/or disuse.

  • We buy used machines and/or disuse.

  • For single core cables we perform thermal transfer marking.

  • Prepare and cabliamo cable kit on customer specifications.

  • We supply the electrical equipment for the realization of products

Electrical design

PLC Programming